internet marketing SEO Scheduler Computer Tech: 2012-05-27
Computer are very useful in our lives today, specially in office, schools, home and business. Computer trouble can affect to your business, office work, school assignment, and etc.. If your computer is not working properly or start don't panic or do some experiment, it will cause you more trouble, just check all the wire connection if not ask some of your friends have knowledge or expert on it.

If your computer still have warranty just gathered those documents and bring your computer present to the dealer where you purchased your computer.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cleaning Toshiba COREi3 submerse in mud.(SENDONG)

Satellite L745

Distroyed: Batterypack, Dvd/cd Rom

Keyboard, memory and harddisk are functioning perfectly, even motherboard survived 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laptop Screen male socket Repair

One of my customer buy a second hand laptop the screen was so messy,
when i open it LCD male socket connector was not solder properly.

No hotair Solder!
Damage PBC soldering Laptop screen male connector using IDE connector strip.